Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Magical Mystery Tour

I recently re-organized the Laboratory, aka craft lab, and thought I would show you!

My hubby-to-be, Mr. P., is very relieved. He's a bit more of a clean-freak-super-organizer than I am and he never really understood how I could work in such chaos. Ah, but from chaos comes order young grasshopper.

Please do admire my Necchi. It's one of my favorite sewing machines and can sew through 4 layers of leather at a time without a cough. I have two of them, but one is out sick right now with some 'reverse' issues. If you have the opportunity to find/buy one of these beauties, you won't be sorry! I found one on ebay and the other on craigslist. One was cheap, the other one wasn't.


  1. looks like fun....boys just don't get the "creative" messes, do they?

  2. looks like lots of fun. Boys just don't get "creative" work spaces!