Sunday, August 2, 2009

My lover wears a bow tie

Yes, yes, my dear blogosphere I've been a naughty girl and haven't kept up with my posts. But I feel like having a stomach virus is a good excuse.

I can now say that I'm on the mend, and solid foods are....uh....staying solid.

Other than my recent illness, life is life and we're still in the midst of planning our wedding. And yet, Mr. PeanutButter never fails to surprise me.

I've kind of been working towards this 'french vintage' theme for our wedding, and today Mr. PeanutButter told me that he wants to go old school and tie his own bow tie. He said that he'd like something vintage, with fleur-de-lis if we can find it. I just love him! He so gets me.

Of course, I immediately ran to my computer to start looking for bow ties. Wouldn't you know that I would find vintage bow ties straight away on none other than Etsy. I found this gal who makes bow ties from vintage fabrics. Score one for me and one for mother earth!
Check out these and more ties at XOelle on Etsy. Tell her Jelly sent ya.

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