Tuesday, August 25, 2009

See a little light

Monogram wedding votive candle DIY

Ah, Blogosphere. I have missed you. I fell off the wagon.

It's been a very busy week here with a sad doggy funeral and a wedding shower. However, I'm back on my blogging diet.

In celebration, I thought I would share with you my latest DIY for the upcoming nuptials. I've been busy making cute little monogram votive candles for all of the tables. They are super easy to make, and super inexpensive.For the candles, I just went down to my handy craft supply store (Hobby Lobby) and bought 12 votive candles for 3.99, and a roll of gross-grain black ribbon 3/8 inch wide. I then designed the monogram on my computer, and printed it off onto little 1.5 inch round labels. I found this great place online where you can buy just about any size label you can think of in packs of 2400!!! I bought my pack for 16 bucks. Plus, if you buy from them you can use their template maker for free. Very handy indeed.

I cut the ribbon so that there would be a gap - meaning the ends of the ribbon don't touch. I secured them to the votive with some double-sided tape, and then attached the label. et, voila!
C'est chic, n'est pas?

Ooh la la!

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