Sunday, September 20, 2009

Halloween is coming: Medically speaking

I guess we sort of all take our jobs for least a little bit.

Working in medicine for so long, I sometimes fail to recognize that what I do and see everyday may be interesting to folks who have never spent time suturing or reading xrays. However, last night while looking through my Netter's book of Anatomy I realized that maybe some of you might find these pictures interesting from an artistic stand-point. (Frank Netter was, afterall, an artist)

So, with the advent of Halloween, I thought I would share some images from my anatomy atlas with you. These are from Netter's and are copywritten - so they cannot be sold. Only for personal use. There are several popular atlases out there, and most are familiar with Gray's Anatomy. Personally, I find Netter's to be much more realistic not to mention aesthetically pleasing.
Now you can make cool candles like these from Country Living.

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  1. Fun post! Hey, those candles are just like the ones I posted last year- check it ou!