Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Hills are alive with Cockscomb

We had so many compliments on the flowers that we used for our wedding. The cockscomb centerpieces and bouquets turned out far better than I had ever hoped they would. As soon as we have better photos of them, I promise I will post them.
But, now that the wedding is all said and done (sigh), I have a yard full of drying cockscombs. Cockscombs that are dropping their wee little seeds into the soil for an even bigger crop to grow up next summer.

Mr. Peanutbutter has been in the process of drying out and saving the seeds to give to some neighborhood beautification groups. He's just such a good guy like that (gush). However, I'm more of a capitalist. Yep, I'm drying my own out to make cute little seed packets like those we gave away at our wedding to sell on Etsy, and at next year's farmer's market. Sadly, I haven't gotten them up on Etsy yet. Believe it or not, I procrastinate seriously when it comes to putting photos up on Etsy. I have an inferiority complex about Etsy. Don't ask me why...I just have issues.

Update: Packets are now available on Etsy! Click here.

Here's a little peak at the process....

If you're interested in buying some packets, stay tuned or write to me. They're 2.50 each and they have a load of seeds (load = 1/2 tsp of very small seeds).

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