Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mood Board Mania

So today I was browsing around the web trying to find photos of cool french-inspired chairs. I didn't have much luck there, but what I did find was a treasure trove of mood boards.

I really enjoyed making inspiration boards when I was planning for my wedding, but I think I could really get into something new. I also found several fun little contests where you're challenged to make a mood board around a particular piece of furniture. Of course, I was too late for any of the ones I've found, but that won't stop me from sharing them with you.

The boards below were all from a contest sponsored by Comfort & Luxury where participants had to choose from two different chairs, and organize a decor mood board around them. I'm particular to the Antwerp chair because of it's vintage European features, but the boards for the Bertram chair are really nice, too!
Antwerp & Bertrand chairs by Anthropologieyoung professionals' dinner party by Comfort&Luxury on Polyvore.com

Glam Living Room from Strictly Simple Style

From Rhoda at Southern Hospitality

Which is your favorite?

Be sure to check out all of the contributors at Comfort & Luxury.

Do you know of any current mood board contests? Do share!

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