Friday, January 15, 2010

Feeling nostalgic

Mary Alice was a very special person. Not only was she an amazing woman, seamstress, and role model but she was also my grandmother. I miss her very much. I think that if she were still here she would love blogland with all of the creative people and things you can find there.

In my little profile, I mention that I look like her. I realized, dear blogosphere, that you probably don't know what I look like, much less Mary Alice.

Here you are.....

I love and miss you grandma. Kimmer.


  1. That's sweet...she is looking down at you and Victor, liking what she sees.

  2. Oh my, if there was ever a grandma-granddaughter look alike, it surely is you and Mary Alice! What kind, soft eyes you both have and such a lovely friendly face xx

  3. You need to find the pix of grandma in which she is looking over her shoulder. The resemblance is even more striking. She's very proud of you and your accomplishments! Love you, T

  4. Jelly Girl. This is my favorite of your posts. Not only is it wonderfully touching and sweet, I just posted about my grandmother. You look very much like her.


    Souvenirs From Wonderland

  5. I meant to say you look like your grandmother, not mine!