Monday, January 25, 2010

So much to do.

I have so many crafty ideas floating around in my head, so many things to do and what do you think occupies my time? Yep....blogs.

Me: Hello everyone. My name is Jelly and I'm addicted to blogs.
Blogosphere: Hello Jelly.

The irony of it all is that the support group for blog addicts is MORE blogging. Ugh...I'm doomed.

However, if you're here then you know that blogging is one of better addictions to have because you meet really cool people and learn really cool things! In fact, I've been learning all sorts of stuff from two of my latest blog stalks. Please let me introduce you to Skip to my Lou and Resweater.Now I don't have children, but the crafts at Skip to my Lou will keep anyone of any age busy and smiling for hours. In fact, I was printing off all sorts of stuff at work last night for other co-workers who were busy looking over my shoulder at this blog instead of working. It must be really hard to find good workers these days. jeez.
OMG! She even has this great tutorial for making bath bombs.
This is so on my list for next year's handmade Christmas gifts.
Ok, so you know that besides everything french I love to recycle things into useful objects, art, whatever. Well, Resweater is the jackpot o' upcycled sweater projects. In fact, I'm so inspired by all of her stuff that I'm going down to the craft lab right this moment and cooking up some pure crystal craft.

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  1. Thanks for the mention! If you need more ideas, I post a recycled wool tutorial every Tuesday... Tutorial Tuesday!

    Kris :)