Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Parisian I love thee

There is little about french decor that I don't like, but I must admit that I'm partial to the sometimes ostentacious style of the Parisian apartment.

I love antique mirrors with gilded frames mixed with teal velvet drapes, chaise lounges and funky black accents. (My recent lamp re-do was completely inspired by such decor) Maybe your wondering what I see in my little pea brain when the cogs start turning and I begin working on a new project? Well, I just happen to have some beautiful photos of various Parisian inspired living spaces to share with you.

I shamelessly borrowed these from Habitually Chic. I had to stop at 9 photos, but I could've posted thousands. I take so much inspiration from her blog, so please stop by and have a look around.

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