Friday, January 13, 2012

Glass Tree Mosaic, Post 1

I am very happy to announce that Jelly Girl Designs, in collaboration with The Bleu Monkey and St. Louis Sculpture Factory, has been given the opportunity to help design and install a very large mosaic of a glass tree (commissioned by a local university) made ENTIRELY of recycled bottle glass!
I'll be posting our progress here for the blogosphere to see. We only recently got the news that our bid was accepted, but already I've started working on large tile pieces that will make up the trunk of the tree - which measures 5 feet across. More than 50% of the bottles will be Schlafly beer bottles, thanks to friends who both work there and love the beer (Mr. Peanutbutter donates his fair share, of course!). The remainder of the glass will be from miscellaneous wine and spirit bottles from my inventory and donations from friends and local bars.

I am so excited about this project! What a great way to show the public and the young minds at the university, that there is diversity in art. Moreover, and most importantly for me, is that beauty can come from the most unexpected places - recycled glass!

I'll be posting more photos soon, and hopefully a mock up of the tree design.

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