Friday, April 27, 2012

Glass Tree Mosaic, Post 4

More photos of some completed leaves:

Mixing of the bottle glass is working out well, despite what I've read.  I'm experimenting with even more colors this week.  This project has my creative gears in motion, and I've been thinking up all kinds of new projects to work on once this job is complete.

We also had a site visit this week.  I hadn't seen (in person) where the mosaic would be installed yet, so the 3 of us met up with Kevin of The Lawrence Group.  The space is amazing, and the wall color completely compliments the organic greens and browns of the bottle glass.  On the opposite side of the installation wall, are huge 20 foot windows.  I can't wait to see the completed installation - especially at mid-day with the light from the window piercing the glass tiles.

Here is a direct link (via the Lawrence Group) to the building with some amazing photos: Go to photos

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