Monday, March 23, 2009

Fait complet......Goodbye Green with Indie

Ah, another craft show under my belt and I feel a little worse for wear. I had such high hopes, and perhaps that was my fatal flaw in this whole crafting-for-money extravaganza.
I'm a bit of a craft-show novice, and having done really well for myself at a smaller local show last October I thought 'I have what it takes'. Not at Green with Indie apparently. But, if misery loves company, I was definitely among friends. I saw such cool art and met cooler artists, but even their stuff wasn't sellling. They told me 'this happens', and then you move on to the next show. Guess that's what I'll do and see you all at Atropy in April.

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  1. I wanted to first thank you for the item exchange! I love my necklace and hope you enjoy your hat! Secondly, your post made me a little sad... your craft is amazing! I kept looking across the isle coveting everything at your table, and making sure whenever I wandered by that my money stayed behind! It was great to meet you, and maybe I will see you at Atropy in April, it will depend if this little guy living in my belly continues to be good to his mama! Thanks again! And visit me anytime at