Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Overcast inspiration

With all of this gloomy weather we've been having, I've found it hard to work on projects. So, where does a Jelly Girl go for inspiration? To France, of course! I love browsing through French blogs, and some of my favorites are listed here on my site.These beautiful photos above are from Reves d'argile. She makes the most amazing ceramic pieces! Her site also has highlights of her own decor and french finds. I'm inspired to break out some of these old ceramic molds we have in the garage!Happiness.....what we all want! Celestine Boutons has great ideas for decor and her photos are just as beautiful!
And finally.....wedding inspiration!!! I LOVE this car! I've always called them 'Snoopy' cars because that's what the Peanuts are in when they go to France for Linus' spelling bee. If I could find a car like this for my wedding in October I would squeal like a little girl! Hmmmmm.......better start looking! Photo courtesy of Coeur en Provence.

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