Monday, April 13, 2009


I have to take some time to give props to some friends for a big art project they've undertaken. Lauren and Jake live in our building in Benton Park West, and we couldn't ask for better renters. Not only are they great renters, but they're also cool.

Lauren, who is an art professor at Washington University has spearheaded this amazing flag project where students/artists submit a project on a temporary basis. If accepted, each artist will display their work (flag) in front of the building on Arsenal (exterior exibit space) for a month or so. Not only is this a fantastic idea for promoting emerging artists and spurring creativity, but also for spurring growth in Benton Park West. We LOVE the city, and anything done to help improve and promote city living is a big plus on my score sheet!!!!

Please be sure to visit their facebook site and become a fan!!!!

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