Sunday, July 26, 2009

Time flies

...even when you're not having fun. did 2 days just fly by? Why is it that when you're a kid time won't go by fast enough and after....oh...say, 30ish....hours become 5 minute intervals? geesh.

Due to the time warp I experienced over the weekend, I wasn't able to get out my Psycho Blog-Love post for the week. Perhaps, I should just change the date to Sundays. Better yet, I'll make it a weekend feature - ha!

Something that maybe you should know about me......I love beautiful things. Especially interior design. Forget the bling jewelry and the Jimmy Choos. I'm all about decorating.

With that said, this week's blogs are all about design & decor eye candy.

No.1: Black Eiffel: Most of you already know that I have a soft spot for anything French. Now combine that with loads of beautiful design photos and voila Numero uno!

Photo courtesy of Black Eiffel

No. 2: Ada and Darcy: Lots of photos of all kinds of home design and fashion. And then, more design. Love it!

Photo courtesy of Ada and Darcy

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