Monday, July 13, 2009

Sewing Pattern Paper Pomander

Virtual Craft Lab, Episode No.2

Yes children, it's that time again! I can't believe it's been a week already since the first installation of DIY Monday.

Today's DIY project is how to make paper pomanders using sewing pattern tissue paper. I got this great idea from Vintage Blog Wedding. If you go to her site, she has great step by step instructions.For my pomander, I decided to use the tissue paper used in sewing patterns. I love the color of the paper, and the vintage look the patterns on the paper create. Plus, they're super inexpensive! I went to a local thrift store and the lady there sold me a garbage bag full of patterns for a dollar. Patterns don't sell well, and the shop people are usually willing to part with them for little to nothing in order to clear out the space.

They're super easy to make, just a tad time consuming. I used 4" styrofoam balls and black gross-grain ribbon for the loop. I love that all of the pattern paper had subtle differences in color, so when it was all put together there was a lot more depth than with using all one color.

These will be hung from the chairs in the aisle at the ceremony, and I'm also going to make some garland for the gazebo. More photos to come.......

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