Monday, August 31, 2009


Psycho Blog love, Vol. 5 (albeit, a little tardy)

I love the nature of blogging. Not just the writing of my own, but the finding, sorting through and reading of the gazillion others that are out there on the web. It's like being able to meet people who share similar interests with you and hang out with them without having to shower or change out of your pj's. I have found kindred bloggers who have inspired me to create, made me laugh or cry (sometimes both....simultaneously), and that remind me that every day with ones you love is precious.

Since my long-time furry friend passed away 2 weeks ago, Mr. Peanutbutter and I have been discussing getting a puppy. The old man Scoutah is still with us, and I'm not really sure how he will adapt to a puppy. This all goes without discussing Feldman, the Queen Mother. She is my tabby, and when Queen Mother isn't happy no one is happy. But, despite the visions of old-man-dog-terror and playing find-the-cat-pee-smell, I'm still looking at puppies.

I've always loved Airedale terriers. In fact, I was combing local shelters looking for one to rescue when I fell head over heels for Flannery 10 years ago. A big lump formed in my chest when Mr. Peanutbutter said that he would like to have 'one of those big terriers'. (I'm not replacing you Flin-flan, just looking for another fuzzy friend to hug, love and fill the void you left behind. I really miss you.)

So, in the spirit of Psycho blog-love I want to tell you about my new favorite blog. (You knew it would be about an Airedale, didn't you?)

I'm happy to introduce you to Mr. Bogart Handsome Devil. He and his mom live in Portland, Oregon and their stories are touching (at times heartwrenching) and more often hilarious. So, grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine (my personal favorite) and read their story.
Photo Courtesy of To Aire is Divine, aka Bogart


  1. hello there jelly girl. What a coincidence - you leave a comment on my post about dog fleas and I return the favour with your puppy posrt. go on - get a puppy.

    Re blogland - I got up very early this morning (5.30am) just to try and catch up on reading blogs and leaving comments. It is now 7.40 and I've not moved. I think being part of the blog community is lovely - as is your blog. I will be back

  2. Aw shucks... thanks! It's always so great to find out that people like to read my story...

    Of course I also HEARTILY support your choice of breed - we Airedales are a handful of course, but I like to think of it as a handful of LOVE (mama may disagree - especially because she remembers my puppyhood and those sharp Crocodale teeth).