Saturday, August 8, 2009

Summer nights in Bellevegas

Ah.....last night was perfect for a bike ride.

I wheeled out my old trusty town bicyclette, affixed my basket to the handle bars and pedaled my little self up the street to our neighborood wine bar. The place was packed. But, I had 2 growlers in tow which I planned to fill and take back to the house. What a surprise, when on my way out the owner graciously pitched in a pizza!

However, getting the pizza box into my bicycle basket was a little tricky. Not to mention squeezing in the 2 bottles of ale. Luckily, my ride was short so I just put the box on its side and hoped for the best.

More excitement when I got home and discovered we had received an Alsatian pizza - which is a yummy flatbread fired in a brick oven, and covered with creme fraiche, carmelized red onion and apple wood bacon. Pair that with a really nice pale ale while sitting on the front porch swing with your main squeeze.....priceless.

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