Sunday, October 18, 2009

Felted Sweater Hat with Fabric Yo-yos's unseasonably cold here in the Midwest. Moreover, our house is drafty and I'll often wear a stocking cap around the house during the winter. I couldn't find the standard fleece number I usually sport, so I decided to use some of the wool sweaters I have here in the craft lab (all found at various thrift stores) and make a new one. I had previously felted these sweaters, so they won't unravel when cut and sewn.

If you remember, I've had a new obsession with fabric yo-yos. I'm always trying to think of a cute way to use them with my craft projects.

Well...I put my need for a new beanie and my fabric-yo-yo-love together and made a new craft baby that will keep me warm while I blog away in our chilly home.


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