Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The fun never ends

I just can't stop myself.  The alpaca is too much fun.  I made these little balls yesterday.  It's a great way to use the second cuts and not-so-pretty fiber that doesn't comb out.  Waste not, want not.

(grrrrrr...blogger won't let me keep the rotated image.  Sorry it's sideways.)

Speaking of never ending fun......

The glass tree project continues.  I'm up to 202 leaves now.  I think I have another 100 or so to go.  We (ok, I) realized that there is no way we can get everything done by the end of July with my part-time firing schedule.  So, we are adding a new member to our glass production family.

Victor and Mitch are on their way to Hannibal today to pick up the new (used) big-bad-mama-jama glass kiln.  The idea is that I will set the firing schedules and show the guys how to load the kiln, so that they can fire the larger pieces of the tree trunk down at Victor's studio The Bleu Monkey.  This will save a lot of time with firings.  With my regular full time job in the ER, a 1 year old, a house to sell/keep clean, and grocery shopping, etc., I just can't do it all.  This was a much larger project than I realized. (sigh)

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  1. It's amazing how projects seem to spiral out of control, isn't it? Ha-ha-ha! Especially when you have all the "regular" day-to-day stuff as well.