Friday, September 25, 2009

DIY Wedding Program

I think I want to change 'DIY' to 'IDIM' (I did it myself).

These are my IDIM wedding programs. I'm very excited. I had made these seed packets earlier, but didn't know how to give them out as favors since we already had made chocolate fleur de lis suckers for the tables. So, I constructed these pocket programs, which each hold a packet of seeds in the outer pocket and the actual program on the inner pocket.

For the paper, I took a french wording rubber stamp and stamped a piece of paper. I then scanned in the image, and copied it so that it would cover the entire page. Printed it off on card stock, cut little rectangles for the outside pocket and then sewed them in place. I then glued it all together with ribbon and monogram stickers for embellishment and there you have it......As a bonus, I'm also including the french wording for you to upload!

1 comment:

  1. Those are super cute!! I love the stamp =]
    Are you concerned that they may use the flower seeds to throw at you on your exit since you're giving it to them at the ceremony??